Why We Must Believe Women: My Family’s Legacy of Violence and MurderCATAPULT 

-New York Times “What We’re Reading” List

“Best of 2017” essay by Longreads.

Featured on #memoirmondays  a weekly newsletter co-curated by Narratively, Catapult, Granta, Guernica, The Rumpus, Longreads and Tin House

“Best of 2017” essay by Entropy Magazine.

A Love Like This-“Runner up” Pregnancy and Newborn Magazine’s Essay Contest, December 2014

Short Fiction Column for Propellor Magazine:

The Sum of That Which We Endure: Haunted by Claire Vaye Watkins

Stories Right Side Up: We’re Flying

A Start is All We Ever Get: Diaz’ Heartbreak Manifesto

In a Way That’s Bearable: Heathcock’s Volt

Interviews, Reviews, and Things

“Chelsea Bieker on Her Way” by Danielle Vermette

PSU Alumni Feature

Astro Spills: Aries for Cosmonauts Avenue

Collagist Interview: “A Vanity That Thrives Within Her”

The Stranger’s Child- Book Review

Some Classics are Worth the Investment

Conversations With an Ex-Gymnast

Samantha Blex (Fictional Character Blog for Daniel H. Wilson’s “Amped”) 

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